Citizen’s Network for Tap Water


Civil movment for safely potable tap water

Only 1% of population drink tap water and the portion of population who don’t use tap water for cooking reached over 20%, indicating the growing social distrust on tap water. In addition, the indiscriminate spread of mineral water & water purifiers have increased waste matters, chronic waste of energy & resources, and loopholes in hygiene management, causing confusion on overall drinking water policy. Due to the current water supply policy made by supplier(government), not reflecting the interests/demands of citizens, the government failed to obtain the trust by citizens.

That is why NGOs worrying about tap water organized ‘Citizen’s Network for Tap Water’ to promote civil movement so that citizens can safely drink tap water. They believe that keeping tap water is the basis of civic life and is the most important publicness, environmental preservation, and development of society.

We, Citizen’s Network for Tap Water, will develop further activities , such as 1) providing objective information about the tap water, 2) expanding participation of consumers to lead citizen-friendly water service ministration, and 3) enhancing efficiency and safety of tap water by cooperation with related institutions. Finally, we will keep 1) brining out social discussions on tap water, 2) setting up water service policy under social agreement, and 3) taking an action to monitor water service ministration’s transparent and rational administration.




- Private Organizations such as Environment Organization, Consumer Organization, Citizen’s network, etc.

- Professional Organizations such as Korean Medical Association, etc. Government • Municipalities such as Ministry of Environment, Seoul Metropolitan Government, etc. 

- Relevant Agencies such as South K-water, Korea Environment Corporation, etc.


- Provision of information and promotion to enhance consumption of tap water.

- Research activities for water service policy

- Civic education for tap water and civic participation in public projects

- International activities for the improvement of water supply systems

- Businesses to support the activities previously mentioned.


1. Water is a human right. We cannot live without water and everyone has right to drink safe water for good life regardless of wealth and social status.

2. The tap water is environmental-friendly.
Reduction of energy waste due from cold/hot water purifier, Objection of the use of PET bottles

3. Tap water is economical.
Tap water costs only KRW700 per ton in national average, compared to mineral water that costs 500 times of it.



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